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Breath-taking views, forest paths like in a fairytale, historic castle ruins, mysterious gorges, blossoming orchard meadows, shore Mediterraneans trails, culinaries discoveries, the world-famous island of flowers called Mainau and plenty more – the SeeGang which was completed 2014, offers us pure fascination for 50 kilometres around the north-western part of the Lake of Constance.

While using the premium trail you are free to walk as you pleases. You can decide to start or finish the SeeGang wherever you like to. Look forward to marvelous hours in which the Lake of Constance with its stimulating and simultaneously reassuring radiance will be your constant companion. Set out – and experience incomparable enjoyment of hiking for body and soul.


A promise of quality for hiker

The premium hiking trail SeeGang connect the towns Überlingen and Constance in a most beautiful manner and leads through several stages to the scenic and cultural highlights of the Lake of Überlingen. This hiking trail meets the highest requirements of the hikers over 50 km and therefore it was honoured with the “German seal of hiking for premium trails”. For receiving this seal of hiking the way has to show unique destinations, many highlights and an interesting routing. The SeeGang offers everything, of course! Delightful areas, deep gorges and ravines, orchard meadows, wild and romantic ruins and enchanted forest paths change with spectacular views over the Lake of Constance during the hiking tour of several days. The hiking of the SeeGang can be started from all places. At the points of start boards inform about important indications of the route and the profile of elevation. From this point the SeeGang is reachable over acknowledged trails. A high value was placed on a friendly labeling for hikers, too. So that you always stay on the right path, the SeeGang is labelled completely in both directions. To maintain the high quality of the path on a long-term basis, the path is controlled and cultivated regulary. With the SeeGang we promise enjoyment of premium hiking far from the daily life – when do you set in the SeeGang?

Start and target of your SeeGang just as you want to

The SeeGang is a hiking trail which you can hike step-by-step or star-shaped. Star-shaped means: Due to numerous public traffic connection along the route you can start from any place at all and you can return entirely comfortable by bus, train or ship. Or you hike as long as you want to and look for a night´s quarters in one of the places. In the peak season we recommend a reservation first. The employees of the Tourist-Information help you looking for accommodation with pleasure. So you can create your SeeGang the way you like – and round off your trail perfectly with a boat trip over the Lake of Constance!


Welcome to the sunny side of the Lake of Constance

The official start- or endpoint for the SeeGang is located at the entrance of the garden of the town Überlingen which give a mediterranean aura with the great free area of cactus and with its botanical characteristics. After crossing the parc the way run over Goldbach to the palace Spetzgart. A narrow path winds its way between the metres high cliffs of sandstone through the wild and romantic ravine of Spetzgart.
After these looks in the depth the path leads up to the Torkelbühl, where you find a breath-taking panorama over the Lake of Constance and the Bodanrück to the Alpes. A place which fascinate at first sight and which give a new meaning to the term “elation”. Through the peaceful village Hödingen cross the SeeGang the upper part of the ravine of Hödingen.
P&R parking at the hospital,
Kurt-Hahn-Straße, a fee-paying car park, park ticket including bus trip to the inner city and back, max. duration: 3 days.
Höhengasthaus Haldenhof
Unique view over the lake. Good local kitchen, homemade cakes, beer garden and children’s playground.
Haldenhofweg 51,
Tel. 07773 I 5613

Hofcafé Vogler
A great place to stop for homemade cakes, coffee specialties and snacks. On Friday from 5 p.m. oven-fresh Dinnele. Children’s playground.
April to October Fri.  14.30 – 23.00 and   Sat& Sun 13.30 -19.00 opened.
Brunnenstraße 14,
Tel. 07551 I 62287

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation
Landungsplatz 5
88662 Überlingen
Tel. 07551 I 9471522

Various shopping opportunities in the city centre

Public WC
WC behind a kiosk,
WC to a entrance to city garden
WC in car park west

Other matters
Bodensee-Therme Überlingen
Bahnhofstrasse 27
Tel. 07551 I 301990

„Blue liverworts, lightviolet honesties, or red helleborine orchids – exceptional weather conditions make many things possible: Discover the blooming specials of romantic Spetzgarter Tobel.“
Thomas Vogler, Überlingen

Natural enjoyment

The location right beside the lake and simultaneously in the middle of the spectacular landscape of steep banks of Sipplingen has marked the unique character of Sipplingen. By the stage of the SeeGang the natural diversity of this unique natural landscape can be experienced now. Coming from Überlingen the panorama trail place the lake at your feet with its fascinating viewpoints Zimmerwiese and Haldenhof before it goes downhill at Sipplingen on the forest path along the geological educational trail. It pays to do a trip in the historical centre. Numerous vineyard paths, picturesque lanes and spruced up half-timbered houses testify to the long history of the village.
On the Blossom Route the SeeGang shows why Sipplingen is also known as community of cultivation of cherry. Innumerable orchard meadows with cherry trees line this hiking trail. To refine the sweet fruits to high-proof alcoholic drinks is a tradition in this town. Visitors of the small distilleries learn all about the way of the fruit in the bottle. However not only high-proof alcoholic drinks but also Lake Constance water is refined to refreshing drinking-water in Sipplingen.

P1, P 2. chargeable parking. One day or week car park ticket obtainable at Tourist-Information. Free hiking parking close to the way.
Barbecue area
Next to the viewpoint Zimmerwiese.

Restaurant Seehaus
German cuisine situated directly on the lakeside.
Seestraße 5,
Tel. 07551 I 9474247

Ristorante Riva
Italian cuisine and pizzeria, terrace on the lake.
Seestraße 1a,
Tel. 07551 I 936191

Restaurant Krone am See
German cuisine with Kronegarden situated directly on the lakeside.
Seestraße 54,
Tel. 07551 I 63211

Höhengasthaus Haldenhof
Beautiful view high above the lake. Enjoy local kitchen, homemade cakes, beer garden and children’s playground.
Haldenhofweg 51,
Tel. 07773 I 5613

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation.
Seestraße 3
78354 Sipplingen
Tel. 07551 I 9499370

Sankt Martin
Seestraße 44
Tel. 07551 I 2563

Rathausstr. 25

Beirer´s Landmarkt
Seestraße 66

Baader Landbäckerei mit Café
Seestraße 64

Local products from Sipplingen.
Directly from the producer

Public WC
Seestraße 5
Parkplatz P 3

Other matters
Bodensee-Water supply
“Cool, clear and clean”- Visit possibility of Bodensee-Water supply.
Information and dates can be found at:
UNESCO World Heritage Site buildings on stilts in the Eastern Harbour.
More Information can be found at:

“Every hiker should make a trip to the „Sieben Churfirsten“ – a fascinating, the resulting shaped of the sandstone rocks in post-glacial period.“
Ruth Bonauer, Sipplingen

Lake of Constance pure

On the western end of the lake of Überlingen and connected by a nature reserve the two districts Bodman and Ludwigshafen are opposite each other. Here the SeeGang leads among others past the customs house of Ludwigshafen on which you can find the “Heritage of Ludwig”- that provocative relief of the sculptor Peter Lenk which cause a stir throughout Germany.
Also the Blossom Route offers an experience of a unique kind: In spring the cherry trees and apple trees are full in blossom. In autumn the innumerable shiny red apples present why the Lake of Constance belongs to the leading fruit cultivation regions. Above Bodman, near the ruin of Altbodman, the hiker will be expected from gentle giants. The farm Bodenwald offers during the season rustic cuisine and is the home of more than 20 bisons.
On the sports field, free, unlimited

In the Breite-Street, free, unlimited

Both P with signposted entrance to the Seegang.

Restaurant Rosmarin
Fancy restaurant with a cheap lunch table.
Überlingerstraße 28,
Tel. 07773 I 93742555

Italian cuisine with a good low-priced lunch.
Hafenstraße 4,
Tel. 07773 I 9362002

Seerestaurant Adler
Wonderful lakeside terrace and lunch table.
Hafenstraße 4,
Tel. 07773 I 933950

German-Spanish cuisine.
In Neustückern 8,
Tel. 07773 I 5208

Information about more than 30 places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation.
Hafenstraße 5
Tel. 07773 I 930040

Überlinger Straße 11

dm – drug store
Überlinger Straße 7

Village shop Feinkost Schmidt
Kaiserpfalzstraße 44,

Hauptstraße 8,

Barbecue area

Public WC
In the park by the lake, Ludwigshafen
Car park at the entrance to Bodman, Bodman

Bo-Lu Guide
6000 years in one day – the tourist information Bodman-Ludwigshafen makes it possible: A GPS navigation system guides you to the highlights of your holiday destination and tells you at each station exciting things to the history, archaeological treasures and mystical legends.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Schachen, the prominent Ruin Altbodman and the historic Zollhaus are directly situated along the SeeGang. The free app for your smartphone can be found at:

„High up on the Bodanrück the SeeGang pass over a path along the edge of the slope with an exceptional view on the Lake of Constance and the ruin Altbodman from the 14th century – a sight with which one can well imagine what an expressive appearance the castle once had to be.”
Bruno Hölzle, Bodman-Ludwigshafen

A pure steep rise for friends of nature

If you approach Liggeringen from Bodman you first pass the preserve of bisons from the farm Bodenwald. A path runs directly on the edge of the slope and impress with a spectacular view of the Lower Lake of Constance. At the beginning of this path stood earlier the “Lusthäusle” – according to tradition the meeting point of the lovers from Liggeringen and Bodman.
It is questionable whether the lovers gave due attention to the unique view. The sunny, between 540 and 690 metres elevated municipality of residence and vacation provides marvellous forest paths, peaceful nature reserves as well as excellent gastronomy, popular anniversaries and one of the most beautiful churches of the Bodanrück.
At the forest carpark in Liggeringen, free, unlimited.
Gasthaus Germania
Country inn with light Baden cuisine in modern version.
Beim Turm 2,
Tel. 07732 I 911901

Wirtschaft zum Kranz
Good local kitchen. A particular speciality is Dünnele.
Bergstraße 3,
Tel. 07732 I 10366

Landgasthof Adler
Good local kitchen with regional cuisine.
Bodanrückstraße 18,
Tel. 07732 I 95250

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation.
Bahnhofplatz 2
78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee
Tel. 07732 I 81500

Butcher’s shop Zunftmeister
Bodanrückstr. 26, Liggeringen

Barbecue area
Two barbecue areas with a seating area and magnificent view.
At the forest carpark

„On the picnic site for barbecuing you should leave after the great board briefly the hiking route and visit the vantage point “Schneckenberg”. There you enjoy a magnificent panorama view of the volcanic landscape Hegau, over the Lower Lake and -with a good distant view- over a “international” mountain panorama that extend from Switzerland over Austria to the Allgäu Alps.”
Hermann Leiz, Liggeringen

Hiking experience Marienschlucht

The ravine has to be counted among the most beautiful natural monuments of the Lake of Constance and lead you into the hilly countryside of the peninsula Bodanrück: The wild and romantic Marienschlucht which is about 100 metres long and in part, just a metre wide, is a nature adventure that cannot be found very often. On the shore a seasonal opened kiosk and a barbecue invite you to snack.
Depending on the season you have the possibility to go by boat to Sipplingen, Ludwigshafen, Bodman and Überlingen. The ruins of the nearby old castle Kargegg which is about 700 years old and was burn down by outraged farmers in 1525 are also worth seeing.
Forest carpark, Kargegg 1, Allensbach-Langenrain (Near Golf Course), free, unlimited.
Restaurant Hofgut Kargegg
Restaurant with regional cuisine and terrace with wonderful view over the lake.
Kargegg 1, Langenrain
Tel. 07533 I 930311

Waldgasthof Hof Höfen
Reopening 2015
Hof Höfen 1, Langenrain

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation
Kultur- und Verkehrsbüro
Konstanzer Str. 12
78476 Allensbach
Tel. 07533 I 80135

Other matters
Wild- und Freizeitpark Allensbach
Gemeinmärk 7, Kaltbrunn
Tel. 07533 I 931619

Literary exhibition

Allensbach hat‘s
Cultural highlights: „umsonst & draußen“ on the stage, JAZZ with orld famous artists, Cultural-Blind-Dates and much more.
Tel. 07533 I 80135

„The little sister of the Mariaschlucht (Marienschlucht?) is situated near the ship landing place on the shore path direction to Wallhausen. The entrance is marked by an over-hanging sandstone wall directly at the river. One can find little waterfalls, hidden ruined walls of a tiny monastery and a legendary cave in which had been hidden a treasure once…”
Harald Seidler , Allensbach

The suburbs of Constance: Idyllic holiday on the Bodanrück

Directly on the lakeside, immersed in the green and the greatest city of the Lake of Constance in front of the door – the three districts Dingelsdorf, Litzelstetten and Dettingen-Wallhausen offer everything the heart from big and little holiday guests desires: Idyllic public beaches with free entrance, historical monuments like the chapel Sankt Leonhard in Wallhausen or the barbecue with the best view of the whole Lake of Überlingen on the Litzelstetter “Purren”.
And the world famous flower island of Mainau is located directly on the SeeGang as a jewel especially colourful. Beautiful camping sites, located directly on the lake, including the four-star camping site Klausenhorn, invite the hiker to spend the night there.
Carpark Eulenbach above the Wallhausen with barbecue area, 24 hours free, carpark „Waldfriedhof“ at the entrance to Litzelstetten, free
Restaurant and beer garden
Ziegelhofweg 31
Tel. 07533 I 7979

Biergarten St. Katharina
Beer garden and barbecue area
78465 Insel Mainau
Tel. 07531 I 3613667

Ufer 39
Café & restaurant with terrace located directly on the lakeside
Uferstrasse 39,
Tel. 07533 I 9977134

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation

Kapitän-Romer-Str. 4
78465 Konstanz-Dettingen
Tel. 07533 I 936816

Rathausplatz 1
78465 Konstanz-Dingelsdorf
Tel. 07533 I 5750

Großherzog-Friedrich-Str. 10
78465 Konstanz-Litzelstetten
Tel. 07531 I 94237913

Purren Apotheke Konstanz
Martin-Schleyer-Straße 28
Tel. 07531 I 44268

Sparkasse Dettingen-Wallhausen
Kapitän-Romer-Str. 27
Tel. 07531 I 2855500

Dorfladen Wallhausen eG
Heinrich von Tettingen Str. 23 a
Mo – Fr: 7.30 – 13.00 Uhr und 15.00 – 19.00 Uhr, Sa: 7.30 – 13.00 Uhr ,So: 7.30 – 11.00 Uhr

Public WC
At the entrance of Insel Mainau,
Harbour Wallhausen

Other matters
Mainau Island – The flower island in the middle of Lake Constance
Mainau Island is open from sunrise until sunset.
Tel. 07531 I 3030

„From the Marienschlucht the SeeGang leads from the location of the post “Beim Teufelstisch” steeply up at the Bodanrück- and directly to the historical “Burghof” which is surrounded by forest and lake and has a beer-garden, a knights hall and an unique atmosphere.”
Detlef Zilz, Konstanz

Historical Metropolis of the Lake of Constance with cult status

Besides Überlingen Constance, the greatest city of the Lake of Constance, form the official end-recpectively startpoint of the SeeGang. The unique location at the Lake of Constance, an extended old town with croocked streets and magnificent cathedral, international flair and -last but not least-the flower island of Mainau which also belongs to Constance, make the city of the Lake of Constance to an attractive destination. Under the motto “Europe as guest”, Constance celebrate the anniversary from 2014 till 2018 “600 years Council of Constance”.
The premium trail pass through elegants Art nouveau villas, the hot springs of the Lake of Constance o the cosy beer-garden St. Katharinen. Who like it sporty can make a stop in the adventure forest of the Mainau. Again and again panoramic views on the picturesque town Meersburg and , of course, on the silhouette of Constance and the funnel of Constance mark the way.
P&R Byk-Guldenstraße, free
P&R Am Seerhein, chargeable
Restaurant Seelig
Small and big regional dishes
Zur Therme 2,
Tel. 07531 I 36307200

Villa Barleben
Heated lake terrace, coffee and cake, freshly caught fish…
Seestrasse 15,
Tel. 07531 I 942330

Medieval “store” in the harbour,high-classregional cuisine, meals by Hildegard von Bingen
Hafenstrasse 2,
Tel. 07531 I 21221

Restaurant Ophelia
Recommended in Guide MICHELIN. 2 stars 2014. Creative, costly cuisine in very beautiful villa

Information about places to stop for refreshments and available accommodation, mobility consultancy service
Bahnhofplatz 43
78462 Konstanz
Tel. 07531 I 133032

Public WC
Lago Shopping Center
Bodanstr. 1

Other matters
Bodenseetherme Konstanz


Constance museums:

„The lido Horn is a real eye-catcher because here the Lake of Constance is split into the Lake of Überlingen and the Lower Lake. Furthermore one can enjoy a clear view to the town Meersburg which is on the other side and to the ferrys which commute between Meersburg and Constance. And who wants to, can finish ones SeeGang here at the “Hörnle” and can go by bus in the city centre.”
Detlef Zilz, Konstanz
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